Last night: Anja Keister performed this HP Lovecraft-themed Cthuhlu burlesque act at Derangement of the Senses, the weird monthly reading series I’m curating at Happy Ending Lounge. Jeanne read from “The Black Emerald” — a story based on R. Crumb’s crosshatching which I’ve been waiting to hear for months — to Effectrix-warped Magnetic Fields songs. David Moscovich performed an amazing piece called “The Healing Power of Freshly-Laundered Socks,” simultaneously throwing them into the audience, making me think about the stories I read about the ridiculous late ’80s performance art scene in downtown Manhattan. I read “Selah” and played cello music on my stupid goddamn laser harp that I seriously carried around the city in a printer box. I got completely drunk on tickets and cash and made a fool of myself, and it was so much fun. So many amazing friends came out, and Anton flew in from Chicago, and if you are reading this and were there last night, thank you so much for being there for it.

Everything was fucking phenomenal.  It was one of those nights that remind you of that time you were 14 and you used to read HOWL or listen to the fucking soundtrack to RENT or something and wish to God that you lived that life. And then you finally get to this incredible place that you used to dream of, but nothing is like you thought it would be. Everything you experience becomes so much fucking better.

I can attest to all of the above. It was beautiful and crazy and trippy and wonderful.

Also, you know, Cthulhu-themed burlesque.