A Summer House with the Red Pool, 1973, Mont-ras , Girona, Spain by Ricardo Bofill Taller De Arquitectura

This summerhouse is located near the village of Mont-ras, a few miles from the Spanish Costa Brava, in a hilly region cultivated with orchards. The layout is similar to a small town and the ruins of a former peasant hut are incorporated into the volumes of the house.

The building is an articulated house that respects as far as possible the preexisting vegetation. The pavilions, sheathed in brown brick are projected towards the central space and face the swimming pool - the center of the sunny life of this villa. The space is made even more comfortable by many relaxation corners, shielded by walls that function as windbreaks, and is scenically tied to nearby volumes by terraced steps that act as a solarium.

Oh, well. Sure. I’ll take it.

On days like this, when I’m feeling particularly travel-itchy, Kayak’s Explore feature is so dangerous. I had been thinking about Prague/Berlin for next year’s solo trip (I’m now so in love with traveling alone that I want to make it a point to do it every year) but now I’m seeing really low fares for Istanbul in April/May (~$650!). Lots of cheap listings on AirBnb, too - anyone have thoughts on Turkey for a woman traveling alone?

Of course, that’s the relatively pragmatic side of the travel-itch talking. The other part is going “YOU CAN GO TO HONG KONG FOR $570! OR BANGKOK FOR $760! JUST QUIT YOUR JOB AND GO LIVE IN SOUTH EAST ASIA. DO IT. DOOOOOOO IT.”

So, you know, there’s that option too. What do, Tumblr?