In 20 days I will step off a plane in Hilo, Hawaii, and for the subsequent 7 days I will never not have in my hand either a) a drink with a little umbrella in it, b) a book, c) a snorkeling mask, or d) a tube of sunscreen. I will wear fabulous sunglasses and long flowy dresses and swim with dolphins and float by the swim-up bar.

New York, you need to get your head right while I’m gone and be fully into spring when I come back. I want daffodils and hyacinths and birds and sunny walks to brunch, or so help me we will have a problem.

Neko Case - “Calling Cards”

a) The video for this perfect song from this perfect album is out as of this morning and you should watch it.

b) If you’re in NYC and want to hear me sing this perfect song and some other stuff, come to Le Poisson Rouge tomorrow night around 7. It’s free and warm and there’s booze and weird short fiction and burlesque and poetry and me.